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Гайд по холи присту
Hello and welcome to the Tankspot Holy Priest Guide! My name is Aliena, and in this guide I'll cover everything you need to know about holy priest talents, gearing choices, gemming and basic spell usage and rotations. 

This guide is up to date as of patch 3.2.2., and some info may become irrelevant or even false in the future. 

Priests are the only class capable of healing that has not one, but two talent trees dedicated to healing. Currently, discipline priests are widely seen as tank and prevention healers while holy priests fill the niche of raid healers. For that, we have a wide array of tools, but the healing spells you'll most commonly use are:

* Flash Heal
* Circle of Healing
* Prayer of Healing
* Prayer of Mending
* Renew
* Binding Heal

Those should have spots on your main action bar and be easily accessible. Less commonly used but good to keep keybound and memorized are:

* Power Word: Shield
* Greater Heal
* Divine Hymn
* Holy Nova
* Desperate Prayer

Each of the spells I just mentioned is situational. The beauty of mastering the priest class is gauging when to use which spell. I'm going to outline some general usage rules. These numbers are based on tests with 2300 spellpower as an average gear example.


Circle of Healing is a very potent smart AoE healing spell that affects 5 or up to 6 targets if glyphed, with average gear heals each target for about 2500 non-crit and 4000-5000 on crit and has a 6 second cooldown timer. Circle of Healing should be used whenever 3 or more targets in the same general area take damage. Since it's a smart heal, you're not able to pick who it's going to heal, but it'll pick the 5 (or 6) lowest health raid members within 18 yards of the target. CoH is an instant spell so it's excellent to use while moving around.

Prayer of Healing is a party-wide AoE healing spell with a 3-second cast time, a 30 yard range and a hefty mana cost. With average gear it heals for about 4000-4500 on non-crit and 6000+ on a crit. This should be used whenever whole parties are taking big chunks of damage, especially if said damage is predictable and you can start casting PoH before the actual damage happens. Be aware that three seconds is a very long cast time, so avoid overhealing.

Prayer of Mending is an amazing spell that no other class currently has an equivalent to. Once used on a target, it'll take effect once that target takes damage and after healing it, will bounce to another raid member in range that currently has the lowest health. Prayer of Mending has 5 charges and will bounce until either its charges run out or the current target does not take damage within thirty seconds. it's on a 10-second cooldown and should be used on cooldown on a tank or someone else that will predictably take frequent damage. With average gear, it heals for about 4000 on a non-crit and 6000+ on a crit. 

Flash Heal is our filler spell. This should be used to heal single target damage or as filler while higher priority spells are on cooldown. With average gear it heals for about 5000 and 7000 on a crit. Depending on your talents those numbers may vary. 

You may also find that you're more comfortable using Renew as a filler spell. This really depends on personal preference and how YOU like to heal. Renew is our only proper healing over time spell that's made very useful by talents. A basic renew with average gear will heal anywhere from 1200 to 3000 per tick depending on talents and glyphs. The downside is that it heals once every three seconds and ticks a total of five times and on top of that is fairly expensive mana-wise, so you may find it inefficient as a primary healing spell. The upside is that it's an instant spell without a cooldown which makes it a perfect choice for on-the-run casting.

Binding Heal should be used whenever you take damage at the same time as another person. In encounters where the raid takes constant damage it can take the role as filler spell instead of Flash Heal. While it's fairly expensive as far as mana goes, it's a lot more efficient than Flash Heal when it heals its full potential. With average gear it heals for about 5500 on each target on a non-crit and 8000 on a crit. 

Desperate Prayer is a potent instant self-heal with a 2-minute cooldown that should be used as an emergency heal when you see your own health dipping low quickly, or when you know you're about to take an inevitable chunk of damage. It heals for about 7000 on a non-crit with average gear and 11000 on a crit.

Power Word: Shield is an amazing tool made awesome by talents for disc priests that loses a lot of value for holy priests, but is still a nice prevention heal if you can predict damage, or a filler spell to use on a tank should there not be a disc priest in the raid. Mind you that disc priests will not be very happy with you if you decide to randomly shield tanks, since it places a weakened soul debuff on the target that prevents re-application of Power Word: Shield for 15 seconds. 

Greater Heal has certainly seen better days. Currently it's a fairly slow, weak and inefficient single target heal that will find little to no use outside of 10-man raids and emergency tank heals. With average gear it heals for about 10000 on a non-crit and 14000 on a crit. These numbers may vary depending on talents. At best and at the expense of five talent points it has a 2.5 second cast time.

Divine Hymn is an extremely potent and smart channeled AoE heal on a 10 minute cooldown timer. This is comparable to a druid's Tranquility spell, except every tick it'll pick the three nearby lowest-health targets to heal regardless of party. It'll tick a total of 4 times on up to three people each time and heals for roughly 6000 non-crit and 8000 on a crit.

With the recent nerf to the Holy Nova glyph it has pretty much lost its raid healing potential for now, but it's still a good idea to keep it handy for the odd case where your entire party is taking damage and remains within 10 yards of you. I don't however foresee you using this much with the present game mechanics.

That covers just about any healing spell you'll ever need to know about for raiding purposes. 


Next, let's talk specs. Viable holy specs are fairly flexible and a lot of it comes down to your usage of renew and preference of fun talents like Body and Soul. However, these days no priest gets around picking up Meditation in the discipline tree. That means you'll always have to expend at least 13 points into discipline talents. 

And while you're already three tiers into the tree, you might as well pick up Inner Focus. It still is a staple in certain fights such as General Vezax, and it will always come in handy combined with the incredibly expensive Divine Hymn. Picking up Twin Disciples and Improved Inner Fire on the way should be a no-brainer. Every once in a while, I see priests speccing into Silent Resolve. To that I have to say, if you're in a position to pick up Silent Resolve, your tank is doing something very, very wrong.

That covers the essentials in the discipline tree. Let's have a look at the holy tree next. As mentioned, talents here are a lot more flexible, but I'll explain the staples that you really shouldn't skip. In the first tier we have Holy Specialization. Even if you're a huge renew fan you should never skip this. 5% crit is great even at the expense of 5 talent points.

Neither talent in the second tier really sticks out, but I prefer Spell Warding as a filler talent over Divine Fury, simply because I currently hardly ever use Greater Heal. If you do a lot of tank healing in 10 man instances, you may choose to go for Divine Fury instead. Make sure to analyze how much you actually use Greater Heal and if it's worth it for you, though.

Inspiration in the third tier is a great talent not just for tanks. Unless you regularly raid with multiple other priests that are specced into inspiration, you should definitely pick this up. Staying in the same tier, I personally find Desperate Prayer to be a very worthwhile investment for one point.

Moving on up to the fourth tier, Holy Reach. Since we're raid healers, we want to maximize the amount of targets our spells benefit. The more people with low health in range, the more damage healed. Fairly simple and straightforward.

The fifth tier has a lot of staple talents. Spirit of Redemption is easily one of the most useful talents in the entire holy tree. A spirit increase of 5% is amazing for one talent point and 15 seconds of additional healing post-death has never hurt anyone. Along with that, Spiritual Guidance, the talent that makes picking spirit over mp5 on gear a no-brainer.

Moving on to the 6th tier, Surge of Light and Spiritual Healing are also talents no priest should skip. Instant Flash Heals are excellent for on the go healing especially combined with Circle of Healing which will typically crit on at least one person and hence has a good chance of triggering a Surge. 

Holy Concentration in the 7th tier was given to us to make up for a huge spirit nerf early on in Wrath of the Lich King. Since it procs off of both filler spells, Flash Heal and Empowered Renew, it has a decent amount of uptime and should also be part of every holy priest's build. 

Serendipity in the 8th tier is a great way to keep Prayer of Healing competitive. By default it's a very slow spell, but in combination with three stacks of serendipity it becomes a powerful raid healing tool. If at all possible, you should aim to acquire some serendipity stacks between Prayer of Healing usage. 

Circle of Healing in the 9th tier is an absolute staple and should not be missing in any holy priest's spec. Despite the many changes to it, it's still our bread and butter. Learn to love it! In the same tier we also find Empowered Renew. No matter how much you like or dislike Renew, you should at least put one point into this talent since it gives Renew a chance to proc Holy Concentration and Surge of Light on top of its other benefits.

Divine Providence in the 10th tier is also a no-brainer. Do put 5 points into it. 

Lastly, we have our final 51-point talent, Guardian Spirit. Although its usage is occasional, it's an incredibly powerful tool that should not be missing in any holy priest's toolbox. Sometimes you'll be assigned to use it in a cooldown chain, other times you'll be able to use it at your discretion when a tank or another raid member is close to death. Either way, it ends up being useful in many situations. Learn to love and use it!

The rest of your talent points should be spent according to your playing style. If you use Renew a lot, it's most beneficial for you to pick up Improved Renew and 3/3 Empowered Renew, of course. If you use a lot of Flash Heal, you may fare best with Empowered Healing. If you favor the heavy raid heals and Prayer spells, you'll do best with a combination of Test of Faith and Blessed Resilience. If you like versatility, you may want Body and Soul or Lightwell. Finding a spec that works for YOU is the most important part past picking up the staple talents.

This also goes for glyphs. There are a total of five useful major holy priest glyphs that you should pick from depending on playing style. 

* Glyph of Circle of Healing
* Glyph of Prayer of Healing
* Glyph of Flash Heal
* Glyph of Guardian Spirit
* Glyph of Renew

Glyph of Circle of Healing should not be missing in any priest's setup, but the other two should depend on which spells you cast the most. Glyph of Renew is debatable since it does increase the healing per tick, but Renew only has 5 ticks as is, and pushing it down to 4 will have you struggling to keep it up on multiple targets.

Minor Glyphs will not directly affect your throughput or efficiency, but Glyph of Levitate and Glyph of Fortitude are usually good picks for convenience. Also, Glyph of Shadowfiend is moderately useful if you tend to summon the bugger in the wrong moment and it dies instantly to some sort of annoying AoE.

==Gearing, what to aim for==

As one of three cloth caster classes, you'll always face gear competition. It's all the more important to know what you want and look for in gear. Lots of stats are good for us, I'll list them in 

the order of how I rate their importance.

* Intellect
* Spellpower
* Spirit
* Crit/Haste
* MP5
* Stamina

Since Wrath of the Lich King, Intellect has been the most potent and useful regen stat we have. Not only does it enlarge your mana pool, it also greatly affects how much mana you regenerate from replenishment, shadowfiend and hymn of hope, increases your critical strike rate (around 150 Intellect equal 1% critical strike rate) and gives you additional MP5 based on your total Spirit and Intellect. 

Spellpower is the easiest and most straightforward throughput stat. The more spellpower, the bigger your heals. Also, the bigger your heals, the bigger your overheals, but on the whole spellpower is the most direct throughput increase you can get. 

Spirit used to be the go-to priest stat, but it's gotten nerfed time and time again. Still, with Meditation which allows 50% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting and Spiritual Guidance which increases Spellpower by 25% of your total Spirit, Spirit remains an important and useful stat for any holy priest. As a rule of thumb, every 11 points of spirit equal 4 MP5 and 2.75 Spellpower, but your total number of Intellect also affects this.

Critical Strike Rating is a mix of a throughput and a regen stat. The more you crit, the bigger your heals, the bigger your throughput. But with Holy Concentration and Surge of Light, critical heals also proc direct and indirect mana regeneration, and of course Inspiration. There really is no soft cap where crit starts becoming less useful, but you also don't want to forget about Haste.

We have a lot of instant spells at our disposal, and while it's always nice to have a lower global cooldown, where haste really shines are spells with longer cast times such as Prayer of Healing and Greater Heal. As mentioned, you won't be using Greater Heal much, but a faster Prayer of Healing and Flash Heal cast is always valuable. Priests are very torn on the crit vs. haste debate. 

Some swear by stacking haste, some by stacking crit and yet again others prefer a mix. What I suggest for every new and old priest out there alike is to pick up crit pieces until you're comfortable with your average number of Holy Concentration and Surge of Light procs, remember that crit percentage, and then stack haste past that. As your gear gets better, naturally both crit and haste will go up, so you'll have more leeway in either direction. 

I could also tell you to aim for 30% crit and 20% haste raid buffed which are generally accepted thresholds, but to find the balance that's right for you, you'll have to do some experimenting on your own. 

MP5 is a sole regen stat. Unlike Intellect and Spirit, it doesn't increase your throughput in any way, shape or form which is the main reason it's less desirable than the other two. You shouldn't aim to gear for MP5 unless you happen to pick up a piece of gear that's a general upgrade over your old piece.

As for Stamina... we all need it. Stamina automatically goes up as your gear level increases. Unless your gear level is way below the level of content you're doing, you'll pretty much always have enough of it.

==Enchants and Gemming==

Holy priest enchants are very straightforward. I'll list what's generally considered the best choice for each slot.

Head: Arcanum of Burning Mysteries, the 30 Spellpower/20 Critical Strike Rating, available at the Kirin Tor Quartermaster at Revered Reputation would be the best choice. Alternatively you may prefer the Arcanum of Blissful Mending, which adds 30 Spellpower and 10MP5 and is available at the Wyrmrest Accord Quartermaster at Revered Reputation.

Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Storm, which adds 24 Spellpower and 15 Critical Strike rating and is available at the Sons of Hodir Quartermaster at Exalted Reputation would be the number one choice, or alternatively Greater Inscription of the Crag, same place and rep.

Back: Darkglow Embroidery for a tailor, 23 Haste otherwise.

Chest: 10 Stats would be your best choice.

Wrists: 30 Spellpower is the surpreme bracer enchant.

Weapon: 63 Spellpower for a One Hander, 81 for a Staff.

Hands: 28 Spellpower is pretty much the only useful caster enchant to gloves.

Legs: Brilliant Spellthread, which is 50 Spellpower and 20 Spirit is your go-to option.

Feet: Tuskarr's Vitality which adds 15 stamina and a slight run speed increase or alternatively 18 Spirit.

As far as gemming goes, there are different ways to gem your character. You can stack just one stat that you're lacking or that you favor and neglect all others or you can choose to gem for socket bonuses. 

I personally prefer to gem for socket bonuses using Luminous Ametrines and Purified Dreadstones. That way, I stack up on Intellect, Spellpower and Spirit, the three stats that are most important for my playing style. I would not suggest gemming for crit or haste unless you're absolutely crazy for either stat or somehow have a big deficit. It's almost always a better choice to gem for intellect than crit and you can pick up plenty of haste on gear as is.

There are several meta gems that you may find interesting. Widely considered as the best choice for healers is the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond, which gives you 21 Intellect and has a chance to restore 600 mana on spellcast. That effect, assuming you cast a spell about every 2 seconds, nets around 75MP5 on average. 

Other valid choices would be Beaming Earthsiege Diamond, which gives you 21 critical strike rating and 2% Mana or Ember Skyflare Diamond which gives 25 spellpower and 2% Intellect.

That about covers the basics of successful priesting. Thanks for reading!

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